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We want our community to work together to build a better Metaverse for all the members! This could be as simple as a private supportive community for NFT and Crypto learning or this could be buying Land in Decentraland or Sandbox to build an NFT holder only virtual clubhouse.

The Choice is yours and we want to work with you to make it happen! Owning your NFT is just the first step.

Each NFT gives your: 

- Entry to all Crypto currency give aways

- Entry in to all Merchandise give aways

- Access to a crypto mining network

- Entry to the private discord 

- Your vote on all community matters 

Our Vision

Initial Road Map 

New Era Collection

  • 1.0 Eth give away

  • 20x custom Hoodies

  • Foundations of a mining pool

  • Vote on future metaverse land

  • Vote of future Merchandise design

2nd Collection

  • 2x 1.0 Eth give-away

  • 20x custom Hoodies & 20x T-shirts

  • Open a SoundAlien Merchandise Store

  • Purchase Metaverse Land

3rd Collection

  • 3x 1.0 Eth give-away

  • 50x custom Hoodies

  • Development of a private club in our metaverse owned land

  • Community Vote of future plans

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